Exciting New Venue - Mantra @ Sharks Convention Rooms | 10 - 12 July 2020. EARLY BIRD PACKAGES OPENING SOON!

Event Features & Benefits

  • Friday Night

    Opening the Weekend Events | Workshop One | Mega Friday Night Dance Party
  • Saturday

    Interactive Workshop Two | Competition Kicks Off
    Who will burn up the dance floor?
  • Sunday

    Interactive Workshop Three | Competition Continues
    Who will take the Winners Podium ?
  • 1 Hour Private Lesson Book Early to Avoid Disappointment Limited Spaces
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2017 Results


DWAS | Beginners | Boys

First: Blake Greentree
Second: Adam Kneller
Third: David Gleeson

DWAS | Beginners | Girls

First: Ren Pritchard
Second: Melissa Sands
Third: Stephanie Nelson

DWAS | Intermediate | Boys

First: Michael Gleeson
Second: Mitchell McCarthy
Third: Brian Humphrey

DWAS | Intermediate | Girls

First: Amy Sam
Second: Tanya Diessel
Third: Alissia de Leeuw

DWAS | Intermediate Plus | Boys

First: Eamon French
Second: Dean Waldron
Third: Alex Gray

DWAS | Intermediate Plus | Girls

First: Aimee Tan
Second: Venessa Lee
Third: Rachael Stacpoole

DWAS | Advanced | Boys

First: Moses Mkusa
Second: Ben Seyer
Third: Domenic Sergi

DWAS | Advanced | Girls

First: Polina Radchenko
Second: Catherine Azzopardi 
Third: Kaarin Goode

DWAS | Champions

First: Shaun Diaz & Emma Priest
Second: Phillip Bunn & Emma Keating
Third: Zac Skinner & Ali Rowe

Freestyle | Beginners

First: Kieran McGrath & Ren Pritchard
Second: Paul Micallef & Melissa Sands
Third: David Gleeson & Tanya Ramprasad

Freestyle | Intermediate

First: Michael Gleeson & Paige Miller
Second: Brian Humphrey & Natasha Jones
Third: Gregory Rowe & Alissia De Leeuw

Freestyle | Intermediate Plus

First: Eamon French & Amy Sam
Second: Dean Waldron & Tara Tubini
Third: Andre Mari & Natalie McCann

Freestyle | Advanced

First: Alan Alighieri & Shirley Noble
Second: Domenic Sergi & Rose De Rota
Third: Robert Little & Alana Muir

Freestyle | Champions

First: Zac Skinner & Emma Keating
Second: Shaun Diaz & Sarah Birtles
Third: Phillip Bunn & Katie Cooling

Girls Blind | Beginner - Intermediate Plus

First: Eamon French & Paige Miller
Second: Dean Waldron & Rachael Stacpoole
Third: Allan Pieroz & Venessa Lee

Girls Blind | Advanced - Champions

First: Zac Skinner & Emma Keating
Second: Matthew Fairburn & Polina Radchenko
Third: Phillip Bunn & Katie Cooling

Lucky Dip | All

First: Moses Mkusa & Freya Wilson
Second: Phillip Bunn & Tania Lloyd
Third: Matthew Fairburn & Jules Morgan

Mix N Match | Male Teacher | All

First: Matthew Fairburn & Amy Sam
Second: Shaun Diaz & Stephanie Nelson
Third: Moses Mkusa & Ren Pritchard

Mix N Match | Female Teacher | All

First: Paul Micallef & Catherine Azzopardi
Second: Mitchell McCarthy & Amy Mak
Third: Kieran McGrath & Rose De Rota

Over 40s | All

First: Greg Munro & Natalie McCann
Second: Scott Johnson & Sandra Merry
Third: Ben Jury & Vanessa Lee

Cabaret | All

First: Zac and Emma
Second: David and Catherine
Third:  Rowan and Beata

Team | All

First: Move Your Body
Second: Le Step OTC
Third: Le Bop

Guy Battle | All

First: Matthew Fairburn & Zac Skinner
Second: Rowan Marshall & Moses Mkusa
Third: Ben Jury & Ben Seyer

Girl Battle | All

First: Katie Cooling & Emma Priest
Second: Kaarin Goode & Hadas Balbin
Third: Catherine McDowall & Diane Baldry

Countdown to Gold Coast Champs 2020

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When & Where

10 - 12 July 2020 Mantra @ Sharks Convention Rooms Crn Olsen Ave & Musgrave Ave Southport Q. 4215.



About Us

Move Your Body Dance Company the Home of Only Modern Jive on the Gold Coast and Australian Modern Jive Inc. are proud to host it's 8th Gold Coast's Modern Jive Championships .

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