2018 Results


DWAS | Beginners | Boys

First: Stephen McCallum
Second: Peter Theodoulou
Third: Tony Piper

DWAS | Beginners | Girls

First: Evie Pettigrew
Second: Sarah Lount
Third: Lucy Brown

DWAS | Intermediate | Boys

First: Kieran McGrath

DWAS | Intermediate | Girls

First: Ren Pritchard
Second: Lucy Mayne
Third: Janet Coath

DWAS | Intermediate Plus | Boys

First: Allan Pieroz
Second: Alex Gray
Third: Reza Modarras

DWAS | Intermediate Plus | Girls

First: Amy Sam
Second: Rachael Stacpoole
Third: Tanya Diessel

DWAS | Advanced | Boys

First: Eamon French
Second: Rhys Fallavollita
Third: Mark Pri

DWAS | Advanced | Girls

First: Jemima Strambini
Second: Joanne Willock 
Third: Sandra Merry

DWAS | Champions

First: Matthew Fairburn & Amy Mak
Second: Ben Seyer & Roslyn Hicks
Third: Clint Glasgow & Katie Cooling

Freestyle | Beginners

First: Tony piper & Hani Zarin
Second: Stephen McCallum & Evie Pettigrew
Third: Peter Theodoulou & Julie Piper

Freestyle | Intermediate

First: Kieran McGrath & Ren Prichard
Second: Janet Coath & Kim Morton
Third: Lucy Mayne & Sarah Lount

Freestyle | Intermediate Plus

First: David Lazenby & Kim Lazenby
Second: David Elliston & Lisa Brain
Third: Reza Modarras & Tanya Diessel

Freestyle | Advanced

First: Mark Pri & Jemima Strambini
Second: Eamon French & Amy Sam
Third: Andrew Srbic & Lauren Reynolds

Freestyle | Champions

First: Zac Skinner & Emma Keating
Second: Shaun Diaz   & Sarah Birtles
Third: Matthew Fairburn & Kylie Davey

Girls Blind | Beginner - Intermediate Plus

First: Alex Gray & Jessica Grey
Second: Reza Modarras & Tanya Diessel
Third: Allan Pieroz & Sarah Lount

Girls Blind | Advanced - Champions

First: Phil Bunn & Katie Cooling
Second: Matthew Fairburn & Kylie Davey
Third: Rowan Marshal & Beata Khaidurova

Lucky Dip | All

First: Reza Modarras & Ali Rowe
Second: Eamon French & Lisa Brain
Third: Grant Luck & Tanya Diessel

Mix N Match | Student Follower | All

First: Matthew Fairburn & Mellisa Sands
Second: Zac Skinner & Evie Pettigrew
Third: Tom Jancik & Sarah Lount

Mix N Match | Student Leader | All

First: Janet Coath & Jemima Stambini
Second: Kieran McGrath & Sarah Birtles
Third: Tony piper & Tara Tubini

Over 40s | All

First: Ben Jury & Tamara O'Dowd
Second: Scott Johnson & Sandra Merry
Third: Brent Harding & Jenny Little

Cabaret | All

First: Roslyn Hicks & Rose De Rota
Second: Beata Khiadurova & Rowan Marshall
Third:  Kaarin Goode & Moses Mkusa

Team | All

First: Move Your Body
Second: Le Step OTC
Third: Le Bop Melbourne

Open DWAS | Leaders

First: Allan Piroz
Second: Hadas Balbin
Third: Caterina Panay-Kujis

Open DWAS | Followers

First: Lisa Brain
Second: Ren Prichard
Third: Sandy He

Countdown to Gold Coast Champs 2018

When & Where

13 - 15 July 2018 Albert Waterways Community Centre 61 Sunshine Blvd Broadbeach Q.



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Move Your Body is proud to host it's 6th Modern Jive Championships on the Gold Coast 13th - 15th July 2018

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