2011 Results

DWAS | Beginners | Boys

First: Andre Mari
Second: Josh Salway
Third: Theodore Lim

DWAS | Beginners | Girls

First: Angie Krefts
Second: Miriam Ward
Third: Helen Fifoot

DWAS | Intermediate | Boys

First: Sean O'Connell
Second: Jason Haynes
Third: Tim Maleevsky

DWAS | Intermediate | Girls

First: Sandra Merry
Second: Rebecca Staples
Third: Mary Bagley

DWAS | Advanced | Boys

First: Grant Grinter
Second: Atul Choudhary
Third: Kjell Schwab

DWAS | Advanced | Girls

First: Emma van den Bos
Second: Jess Sweeny
Third: Gemma Walton

DWAS | Masters | Boys

First: Shaun Diaz
Second: Anthony Condon
Third: Lee Rays

DWAS | Masters | Girls

First: Charlie Cowie
Second: Helen Luery
Third: Katie Cooling

Freestyle | Beginner

First: Parikshit Kshirsagar & Sheena Rowe
Second: Andre Mari & Angie Krefts
Third: Theodore Lim & Helen Fifoot

Freestyle | Intermediate 1

First: Kelvin Northey & Alana Muir
Second: Nick Coffey & Alicia Stewart
Third: Beau Grinter & Tara Tubini

Freestyle | Intermediate 2

First: Grant Luck & Tanya Gourlay
Second: Phillip Bunn & Christina Ritchie
Third: Jason Haynes & Rebecca Staples

Freestyle | Advanced

First: Grant Grinter & Elizabeth Grinter
Second: Caleb Risson & Jess Sweeny
Third: John Drake & Emma van den Bos

Freestyle | Masters

First: Lee Rays & Helen Luery
Second: Sean Kavanagh & Charlie Cowie
Third: Shaun Diaz & Emma Priest

Over 40s

First: Ross Tregidga & Leisa Landers
Second: Scott Osborne & Lynn Blackwood
Third: Craig Lennard & Deb

Girls Blind

First: Grant Grinter & Anna-Lise Rosendahl
Second: Anthony Condon & Katie Cooling
Third: Grant Luck & Tanya Gourlay

Mix n Match

First: Grant Luck & Helen Luery
Second: Grant Grinter & Chantelle Hyslop
Third: Jason Haynes & Elizabeth Grinter

Battle of the Sexes | Boys

First: Shaun Diaz & Grant Grinter
Second: Cameron Rich & Ray Sawyer
Third: Caleb Risson & Sean O’Connell
Ultimate Battle Winners BOYS: Shaun Diaz & Grant Grinter

Battle of the Sexes | Girls

First: Emma Priest & Charlie Cowie
Second: Kim Vidler & Suzie Sawyer
Third: Megan Sweeny & Jess Sweeny

Countdown to Gold Coast Champs 2018

When & Where

13 - 15 July 2018 Albert Waterways Community Centre 61 Sunshine Blvd Broadbeach Q.



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