2015 Results

DWAS | Beginners | Boys

First: Evan Lister
Second: Joshua Balbin
Third: Farhad Mahmoudi

DWAS | Beginners | Girls

First: Suzy Howell
Second: Julie Morgan
Third: Cherise Paga

DWAS | Intermediate 1 | Boys

First: Alan Alighieri
Second: Matthew Clever
Third: Dean Waldron

DWAS | Intermediate 1 | Girls

First: Daniela Martiri
Second: Alana Johnston
Third: Shirley Noble

DWAS | Intermediate 2 | Boys

First: Moses Mkusa
Second: Brent Harding
Third: Daniel Moore

DWAS | Intermediate 2 | Girls

First: Reasmey Tith
Second: Alana Muir
Third: Mel Naughtin

DWAS | Advanced | Boys

First: William Wu
Second: Grant Luck
Third: Jason Haynes

DWAS | Advanced | Girls

First: Alli Davis
Second: Michelle Stewart
Third: Laura Hay

DWAS | Champions | Boys

First: Shaun Diaz
Second: Zac Skinner
Third: Casey Fowler

DWAS | Champions | Girls

First: Katie Cooling
Second: Lucilla Ronai
Third: Kylie Davey

Freestyle | Beginners

First: Scott Johnson & Julie Morgan
Second: Evan Lister & Suz Howell
Third: Joshua Balbin & Jessica Ryan

Freestyle | Intermediate 1

First: Anthony Zhou & Amber Brownlie
Second: Matthew Clever & Daniela Martiri
Third: Alan Alighieri & Shirley Noble

Freestyle | Intermediate 2

First: Ben Seyer & Fiona Kaye
Second: Daniel Bahyl & Aimee Tan
Third: Brent Harding & Jenny Gainford

Freestyle |  Advanced

First: Jason Haynes & Joanne Willock
Second: William Wu & Roslyn Hicks
Third:  Phillip Bunn & Sarah Bunn

Freestyle |  Champions

First: Zac Skinner & Emma Keating
Second: Shaun Diaz & Liz Grinter
Third: Casey Fowler & Emma Priest

Mix N Match | Female Student

First: Matthew Fairburn & Alana Johnston
Second: Mick French & Amber Brownlie
Third: Tim Maleevsky & Daniela Martiri

Mix N Match | Male Student

First: Anthony Zhou & Emma Joy Priest
Second: Alan Alighieri & Emma Keating
Third: Dean Waldron & Sandra Merry

Girls Blind

First: Zac Skinner & Emma Keating
Second: Edward Truong & Katie Cooling
Third: Matthew Fairburn & Lucilla Ronai

40 RPM

First: Robert Little & Jenny Gainford
Second: Gabriel Bizcarra & Rose De Rota
Third: Greg Munro & Natalie McCann

Battle | Girl

First: Laura Hay & Emma Priest
Second: Katie Cooling & Michelle Stewart
Third: Hadas Danziger & Kaarin Goode

Battle | Guy

First: Zac Skinner & Matthew Fairburn
Second: Shaun Diaz & Grant Grinter
Third:  Ben Jury & Ben Seyer


First: Beata Khaidurova & Rowan Marshall
Second: Jemima Strambini & Allwyn Fernandes
Third:  Reasmey Tith & Nathan Walsh


First: CMJ Sydney - Uptown Funk
Second: Le Bop - Dirty Diana
Third:  Le Step On The Coast - Don't Tell 'Em

Countdown to Gold Coast Champs 2018

When & Where

13 - 15 July 2018 Albert Waterways Community Centre 61 Sunshine Blvd Broadbeach Q.



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Move Your Body is proud to host it's 6th Modern Jive Championships on the Gold Coast 13th - 15th July 2018

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